Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Head to Head: the Settee vs. the Bench

When it comes to decorating our homes around our busy lives, it seems like we’re always asking for more:

“How can I add more seating to this room?”

“How do I carve more storage out of this space?”

“How can I get more versatility out of what I have?”

And the list goes on. Doing more with less is a decorating challenge that’s got many of us looking at multi-purpose solutions, like benches and settees, more than ever. Settees and benches or ottomans are equally practical choices for today’s home, but they each have different uses. We dig into some of the key differences between the two to help you determine which one gives you more for your home.


The Defender: The bench/ottoman


Storage benches can look just as chic as they are practical


In today’s active home, it’s essential to have plenty of places to sit. But space is at a premium in most rooms, so you have to get creative. Modern benches and ottomans are a great way to provide extra seating and storage, and may be just the hidden multi-functional gem you’ve been looking for. A bench (or ottoman) is like a furniture chameleon – it can easily morph into a coffee table, chic statement storage, or extra seating at a moment’s notice.


Sleek and glamorous, today’s benches can hold their own in any room


A bench occupies a relatively small footprint in a room and can wear a sleek, glamorous look, rock a mid-century modern vibe, or sport a cool, rustic-industrial feel. It’s long and low enough to tuck under a window, but can be pulled around when extra seating is needed. A two-person pedestal bench mixes up the seating options in a dining room, and tucks all the way under the table to save space!

Benches can be a good alternative in the dining room too


A hallway bench is easily nestled against a wall in the entry as a quick place to sit down and put on shoes or drop items when you come in the door. With built-in hooks overhead, you’ve just carved out a mudroom in one fell swoop. And an ottoman with storage is like a one-man band that masquerades as a coffee table, provides mobile seating, and corrals games, pillows, and blankets. Don’t overlook this handy piece of furniture – it may be the most versatile piece in your home that you can’t live without.


The Challenger: The Settee


The settee is the bench’s more formal, strait-laced cousin


The settee is the bench’s dressy, straight-laced cousin. With its high, straight back and formal posture, a settee adds a sophisticated flair to smaller spaces without a bulky footprint. A settee is more upright and slender than a typical sofa, which allows it to tuck effortlessly into narrow entryways, odd-shaped living rooms, or in corners of master bedrooms. Use a pair of settees at a dining table facing each other, and pull them around for extra seating in nearby living areas. Slide one in a fun color into your child’s room to provide extra lounging space when friends come over.

Add a pop of color for a bit of fun in a casual space


Place a tufted settee by your front door to welcome guests and offer a place to sit down and put on and take off shoes. Use a settee for extra seating in your home office, or to carve out a cozy sitting area in your master bedroom. A settee is fun, functional, and lends an aura of casual sophistication to any space.


And the winner is…

So which should you choose? Well, we say, why compromise at all? Place a storage ottoman in the living room and pull a settee up to the dining table for best of both worlds! Or tuck a settee in the corner of the master bedroom and slide a bench against a wall in the entry. The options are endless! There is no winner when a settee and bench go head-to-head. You can incorporate both into almost every room in your home!


Why choose? Make room for benches and settees in your home!


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