Friday, January 18, 2019
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Transitioning to the “tween” years: 3 Décor Upgrades That Won’t Kill Your Budget

It happens to every parent: Suddenly that pretty-in-pink bedroom your little girl begged for (and that you spent so much money and time on) has been rebranded as “too baby-ish” and “uncool.”

Rather than spending thousands on an entire room makeover that they might decide to hate in a year’s time, we’ve put together a list of simple ways to upgrade your young kid’s room from kiddo to contemporary without breaking the bank.


Upgrade Tip #1: Avoid the Themed Rooms


Themed rooms can look beautiful but are not always budget-friendly!


While it’s tempting to choose a theme and run with it (who wouldn’t want the red and gold of Gryffindor emblazoned all over their walls?) this plan usually falls victim to the fickle nature of the growing kid. If the pretty-in-pink thing didn’t last long, chances are the daily adventures on the Hogwarts Express won’t either.

Compromise by using a scaled-down version of your little one’s favorite theme. For example, let’s say they really are obsessed with Harry Potter. Instead of commissioning a full Diagon alley mural on the walls, save the inspiration for some statement pieces around the room.

There’s nothing wrong with a statement image on the wall and a warm red rug or throw blanket draped across a chair. The bedding is also an easy way to make a statement and it can be switched as your child’s taste matures.

Whatever their interest is, find a way to make it swappable in the future. Think: pictures and posters with consistent frames, pillow covers, curtains and lampshades—anything to cater to your little one’s changing taste.


Upgrade Tip #2: Freshen with Paint


A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in the look of a room


At this stage of the game, paint is a practical choice. Custom wall treatments can be beautiful, and we love them for lengthier (and more permanent) décor projects, but a simple paint job is as quick as a weekend project and will be much more forgiving on your wallet.

Be sure to hit the paint store with a plan in mind. Your child should already have a color palette in their head and it’s your job to help them refine it. Try to pick the neutral shades from your theme and use those for paint-spiration.

For the Harry Potter crazed kid, use a nice light grey on the walls and leave the other décor as your pops of color. Neutral shades will also be easier to match with their current bedroom furniture, which is important for keeping your price tag for this room overhaul down.

Have your kid work with you to bring their vision to life – it’s a fun way to spend more time with them and will give them a sense of pride and achievement.


Upgrade Tip #3: Use Mature Accessories


A cozy reading chair will give you growing kid a a place to call their own


You might be surprised at how adding “grown up” accessories to a room can give it a whole new feel.

Have you thought about changing the hardware on the existing nightstands and dresser? Switching from plastic pink knobs to sleek silver handles is an easy way to add a contemporary twist to their space without spending a fortune.

The same goes for things like desk lamps, mirrors, curtains and door hooks. Small upgrades make all the difference.

If you do have a little extra money to spend on a new accessory, consider one upscale accent piece, like an accent chair to set a more mature tone. The EVELYN chair in grey is a perfect spot for them to curl up with their favorite book – no mystery as to which one that would be! Toss a Hogwarts themed cushion and red throw blanket to make it a cozier spot.


The key to a fabulous kids room is input from your fabulous kid. After all, it’s their space and it’s important that it reflects their taste as they grow into teens and young adults.

We know it’s not easy watching them grow up, but hopefully this mature makeover will give you some bonding time (over all 8 Harry Potter movies?) that you can cherish for years to come!